Everything is about You, centered around You, begins and end with You…narcissism fueled by technology, where an obsession with the self has taken over. We are connected on the larger spheres of a global faceless society but less so at the local intimate circles.

‘Link’ is a cry for a much needed actual physical and emotional connection to one another and to our environment. Alone each table/individual exists separately, but it is only when they come together that more energies and possibilities arise. The sum is not simply a whole equal to the parts; instead a new totality arises that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Thus, a layered interaction arises that is only possible when the singular elements come together. The user has the ability to feel, sense, touch and simultaneously re-imagine the functioning of each part. Four inserts prompt an interplay between man and his environment; to will new spaces and connections into being: a space for tools, a space for knowledge, for natural beauty, spaces to display and alternatively spaces for hiding…When in place, the inserts lock the table into place creating a strong physical unity.

Dimensions 110cm x 90cm overall

Material Walnut Wood, Calacatta Marble, Verde bamboo granite and Brass tops | Legs Brass and Stainless steel | Stainless Steel inserts | Glass insert